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  • User Description: As I've mentioned countless occasions earlier than, most of the times Hollywood makes an attempt to remake a movie, it fails miserably. Either it tries to change too much of the plot, or the actors do not do as good a job as they did within the original. However, to be fair, I figured it was time to take a couple of minutes and praise the few movie remakes that not solely did the unique justice; they may really be higher than the original. For that cause, I would like to share my list of the highest Hollywood movie remakes that didn't suck. My another film evaluate you'll find by hyperlink Bridge to Terabithia: Love, Loss, and Friendship - movie review by War of the Worlds (2005) - To be honest, I assume the acting in the 1953 film was slightly better and I simply didn't purchase Tom Cruise as a father figure. But, the modern special effects know-how made an enormous distinction and made this movie the model I would suggest seeing. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) - If given a alternative between this film and the 1971 Willie Wonka amp; the Chocolate Factory, I would select both as a result of they each make an excellent case. The authentic was more of a family movie while the re-make was a bit darker. In any case, the remake, at very least, was as good as the original. The 4 Tips to Pick Out a Good Movie Stepford Wives (2004) - I truly watched the 1975 original and this one again-to-again one Saturday morning. I definitely prefer the remake. The performing is a bit more plausible and I like the added twist on the very finish (the one which reveals who was actually liable for constructing the robotic wives). Halloween (2007) - When I went to see this movie on the theater, I thought there was no way it would stay up to the original (filmed in 1978). But, I truly enjoyed this one as a result of it focused a bit extra on Michael Myers' childhood and added a bit extra depth to the monster that would later terrorize teenagers. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988) - I really did not know this was a re-make of the 1964 film Bedtime Story until I noticed the latter on television. While the original has its merits, it could possibly't stay up to Steve Martin's performance in the remake. The Pink Panther (2006) - Since we're as regards to Steve Martin, I may even throw this film on the list. Much like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, each the original and the remake are good enough the place it's exhausting to choose between them. But, the remake of The Pink Panther stays on the listing as a result of it was pretty much as good as the first. The Fly (1986) - Much like War of the Worlds, the performing in the 1958 unique was barely better. But, higher make up and know-how made Jeff Goldblum's transformation a lot more plausible. King Kong (2005) - Much like other motion pictures on this list, the remake of the 1933 movie of the identical name would not make it because it was higher; it makes it because it saved a lot of the stuff that made the original nice but added some other twists that made the film distinctive in its own way. It complimented original with out necessarily outdoing the unique. Little Shop of Horrors (1986) - First, Audrey II was far more believable than her 1960 model. Secondly, I liked the actual fact they made this extra of a comedy than a horror film. And, the musical performances of guys like Rick Moranis and Steve Martin (once more) were very impressive. Red Dragon (2002) - Let's be sincere, who makes the higher Hannibal Lecter; Brian Cox (from the 1986 model, Manhunter) or Anthony Hopkins? The reality Red Dragon is on this record ought to offer you my alternative. Scarface (1983) - Not solely is this film better than the 1932 version; many individuals I speak to do not even realize the 1932 version (which is about an Al Capone-like gangster) even exists.

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